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Services For Steelworks


Accost Impex Pvt. Ltd. is also able to provide a reliable and professional service when it comes to complex tasks such as demolishing and dismantling steel bridges, power plants, transformers, generators, cranes and industrial facilities as well as removing wind turbines. Moreover, if required, we can coordinate the qualified specialists, keep a close eye on the legal and environmental regulations and compile all necessary documentation.


When a power plant needs to be dismantled, Accost Impex Pvt. Ltd. can help its customers by drawing up integral concepts that cover on-site waste management, ferrous and non-ferrous metallic concepts and management of the recycled metal storage areas. We can support you during every phase of a business:

  • Development phase: waste management at construction sites, national and international waste management and closure of warehouses
  • During operations: managing scrap metals during inspection work and by dismantling commercial and nuclear power plants

Accost Impex Pvt. Ltd. can guarantee that the work is carried out with the appropriate levels of sensitivity and by qualified employees who have been trained in the areas of radiation protection ('StrlSchV'), specialist waste management, SCC (Safety Certificate Contractors) and handling asbestos. When it comes to dismantling power plants, we are able to create synergies with a number of different companies within Central and Southern Asia.

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Besides its technical know-how and special logistics and technological systems, Accost Impex Pvt. Ltd. also has enormous storage capacities at its disposal.